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By Kay & Keerat

Besties by the Numbers. We Deconstruct the All-In Podcast @theallinpod

Besties by the Numbers. We Deconstruct the All-In Podcast

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All-In Stats - Episode #48

Well that was an amazing episode! If you are on Twitter in any capacity, Balaji Srinivasan is one of the names that you'll come across often as one of the smartest people around. It was a pleasure to hear him on All-In! This episode could easily have gone on …


All-In Stats - Episode #46 & #47

The monologue metrics are a mirror image of the airtime metric but a rare win for @DavidSacks!


All-In Stats - Episode #45

David Sacks returns to the top of the pile with 29% of the airtime!


All-In Stats - Episode #44

So how did the Besties perform? Let's get right to it.


All-In Stats - Episode #42

Friedberg will be back tomorrow for Episode 43 but here's what happens when he's not around to win the monologues on @theallinpod.


All-In Stats - Episode #41

Oh and we also got solicited to fix the results! 😅😬


All-In Stats - Episode #40

Friedberg wins the airtime stat but the Dictator was back in form following a close second. "Friedberg index" has never been higher and we're living in the era of peak Friedberg index.


All-In Stats - Episode #39

When it got that hot for consecutive days recently, it was a grim reminder of this Simpsons's meme going around recently.


All-In Stats - Episode #38

It all started with this tweet from David Sacks


All-In Stats - Episode #37

If you haven't watched this week's episode — first, why? — second, go watch it right now!


All-In Stats - Episode #36

Jason started Episode 36 with a performance review of the last episode. As you remember Friedberg started strongly in the last episode but then disappeared in the latter half.


All-In Stats - Episode #35

What a surprising episode. This is not usually how it goes!


All-In Stats - Episode #34

If you haven't listened yet, here it is. Sacks birthday party sounds awesome! David, we'll take a couple of invites for the next one (albeit with more than 72 hours lead time! jk We'll drive there in less than 24 🤓)


Episode 33

We can't believe this! For the second episode in a row, we have Jason beating out Chamath for the most airtime! 👑👑


E32: Behind the scenes of Elon hosting SNL, CDC failures, America's real-time UBI experiment & more

And here are some the Elon skits from the SNL episode that Jason references


E31: Post-vaccination virtue signaling, pandemic lessons, immigration, Caitlyn Jenner for CA & more

"The Dictator" @chamath dominated the conversation as always.


E30: Ramifications of Biden's proposed capital gains tax hike, founder psychology & more

Welcome to another issue of the All-In Stats newsletter! Here's how the latest episode of the All-In Podcast went down.


Episode 29: Coinbase goes public, direct listings vs. IPOs, unions & more with Bestie Guestie Brad Gerstner

On the overall stats front, Chamath is now up to 11.5 hours of airtime. He has more than an episode+ worth of airtime over Jason!


Hello World!

Going All-InThe four besties (Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg) describe themselves as industry veterans and degenerate gamblers in their All-In Podcast description. It is perhaps the style of conversation and the range…