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By Kay & Keerat

Besties by the Numbers. We Deconstruct the All-In Podcast

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All-In Stats - Episode #48

Well that was an amazing episode! If you are on Twitter in any capacity, Balaji Srinivasan is one of the names that you'll come across often as one of the smartest people around. It was a pleasure to hear him on All-In! This episode could easily have gone on …


All-In Stats - Episode #46 & #47

What a week that was! 2 episodes in the same week. That hasn't happened before! This week is going to be on 🔥. Can't wait to time @balajis!Probably the only way to top off last week with two episodes! Here are the numbers A win each for @chamath and @DavidSa…


All-In Stats - Episode #45

The Besties were on break this week but we've got the numbers for what happened on Episode 45.


All-In Stats - Episode #44

Whew! That was a long break. Besties were not the only celebrities that were back last week.


All-In Stats - Episode #42

Well that was an interesting episode! If you've come to rely on Friedberg's monologues and 200 IQ thoughts, that was certainly missing from this one.


All-In Stats - Episode #41

Episode 41 was a unique one for us! This was the first time people actually bet money on who would have higher airtime - Jason or Sacks on the Polymarket platform.


All-In Stats - Episode #40

Another week of deep insights from the All-In crew! If you haven't listened yet, you missed out on a Bestie getting COVID 😱 But we're glad this bestie recovered safely and we get to see the crew again next week.


All-In Stats - Episode #39

Another week, another hour of information for all of us to digest and get smarter! Climate change and one of the greatest threats of our generation was the topic of significant discussion. On the personal front, these past couple of weeks have been enlighteni…


All-In Stats - Episode #38

If you're feeling relief like Jonah Hill after the last episode, you're not alone! What a tense week!


All-In Stats - Episode #37

What a feisty episode this week! Things haven't been this spicy since the Jason vs Sacks tussle back in the early days. You could tell from the get-go that Friedberg brought the fire and that certainly showed up in the results! Let's get this out of the way b…


All-In Stats - Episode #36

The Besties decided to surprise us all this week with a Thursday drop! We didn't even have to do one of our requisite Friday tweets like this one


All-In Stats - Episode #35

Hello Hello Hello! The besties were back this week with a wide-ranging discussion:Biogen controversial Alzheimer's drug approvalThe billionaire space raceReal estate market factors break downBitcoinBig-tech goes back to the officeThis was also the second-long…


All-In Stats - Episode #34

After deciding to skip this week we got an emergency drop from the Besties! Maybe they saw this tweet from us


Episode 33

The Besties were back at it this week with another episode discussing the latest happenings around the world. This was also a special episode for your favorite stats provider 😉 We got a shoutout from Jason! (jump to 54:58) Here's everything that was discussed…


E32: Behind the scenes of Elon hosting SNL, CDC failures, America's real-time UBI experiment & more

What a week! After a week's hiatus the besties were back on the horn with a mid-week drop. And if you're an SNL fan, this one was a doozy! If you haven't listened yet, do that first!


E31: Post-vaccination virtue signaling, pandemic lessons, immigration, Caitlyn Jenner for CA & more

Another week, another great podcast down!


E30: Ramifications of Biden's proposed capital gains tax hike, founder psychology & more

Welcome to another issue of the All-In Stats newsletter! Here's how the latest episode of the All-In Podcast went down.


Episode 29: Coinbase goes public, direct listings vs. IPOs, unions & more with Bestie Guestie Brad Gerstner

Episode 29 turned out to be one of the rare episodes where a guest joins the regular gang. Brad Gerstner, Founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital, joined the program to discuss Coinbase going public and the benefits of direct listings vs IPOs. The Besties played…


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