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All-In Stats - Episode #35

Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat
Hello Hello Hello! The besties were back this week with a wide-ranging discussion:
  • Biogen controversial Alzheimer’s drug approval
  • The billionaire space race
  • Real estate market factors break down
  • Bitcoin
  • Big-tech goes back to the office
This was also the second-longest episode ever* clocking in at 96 minutes!
* - Ignoring Episode 11: Election Night Special which was a special format.

E35: Biogen's controversial Alzheimer's drug approval, the billionaire space race, Bitcoin & more
E35: Biogen's controversial Alzheimer's drug approval, the billionaire space race, Bitcoin & more
What a surprising episode. This is not usually how it goes!
All-In Stats 📈🐦
E35 - @Friedberg explaining science in the first 5 minutes?

Woah! Woah! Woah! This is not the usual programming. Need to put on our brain glasses to get through this one
Listening through the start of this episode we thought for sure Friedberg was going to be dominant on this episode but alas not. Top of the charts for airtime? Who else? The Dictator himself
Friedberg did win the longest monologue metric though with his explanation of the Biogen drug approval.
It’s hard to outdo “The Dictator” and he again dominates the “Number of Monologues” metric in this episode
Our airtime distribution chart has been well received. Here’s what one of the fans had to say with some thoughtful discussion and interesting ideas 🤔
Anthony Smith
A speaker graph: this is the first time I have ever seen this novel visual
Anthony Smith
This makes me think we are about to witness a whole new field of #meetinganalytics. @zoom / @MicrosoftTeams could provide summaries of who speaks and auto transcribe meetings... we could also get creepy and computers could measure sentiment and find conflicts etc... #blackmirror?
Moaz Ahmad
@HealthyCityMaps @Zoom @MicrosoftTeams Imagine what it could do for public engagement by studying and identifying who speaks the most, who doesn't, determining support, objections, concerns etc.
Reece Martin
@HealthyCityMaps @Zoom @MicrosoftTeams Could be great for giving voices to those who don't always have them!
Here’s how the distribution looks like for Episode 35
Ciao! 👋
That’s it for this week, back at it again when the next episode drops.
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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat @ALLIN_STATS

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