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All-In Stats - Episode #36

Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat
The Besties decided to surprise us all this week with a Thursday drop! We didn’t even have to do one of our requisite Friday tweets like this one

Jason started Episode 36 with a performance review of the last episode. As you remember Friedberg started strongly in the last episode but then disappeared in the latter half.
All-In Stats 📈🐦
Listening through the start of this episode we thought for sure Friedberg was going to be dominant on this episode but alas not. Top of the charts for airtime?

Who else? The Dictator himself
Personally, we love this idea of beginning an episode with a performance review. We all know how beneficial statistics and video analysis have been for sports. Why can’t you do the same to podcasts, right?
Anyways, here are Episode 36’s discussion topics
E36: New FTC Chair, breaking up big tech, government silent spying, Jon Stewart, wildfires & more
E36: New FTC Chair, breaking up big tech, government silent spying, Jon Stewart, wildfires & more
New Friedberg. Who dis?
The performance review seems to have done wonders for Friedberg. The stats of this episode will surprise you!
First up, we have the “Total Airtime” metric, and look at that! Friedberg almost wins this one!!
In our short career as All-In Statians, we haven’t seen a chart like this where Friedberg is at the top while “The Dictator” is at the bottom.
Really surprising performance from “The Dictator”. Maybe it has something to do with the pasta?
Friedberg finally wins one of these! The Dictator with 0 monologues in this one. A real-life David vs Goliath story!
Again, really surprising!
Even Sacks gets in on the party with the longest monologue with his thoughts on the appointment of Lina Khan and her ideas.
Here’s our airtime distribution chart. Look at all the empty space in the Dictator’s row!
Ciao! 👋
That’s it for this week, back at it again when the next episode drops.
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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat @ALLIN_STATS

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