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By Kay & Keerat

All-In Stats - Episode #37



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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat
What a feisty episode this week! Things haven’t been this spicy since the Jason vs Sacks tussle back in the early days.
You could tell from the get-go that Friedberg brought the fire and that certainly showed up in the results!
Let’s get this out of the way because this has never happened before — You’re undisputed King 👑 this week:
Ladies and Gentleman put your hands together for David Friedberg 👏
Friedberg won every metric we track this week!

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode — first, why? — second, go watch it right now!
E37: NYC rejects far-left candidates, new developments in lab leak theory, App Store breakup & more
E37: NYC rejects far-left candidates, new developments in lab leak theory, App Store breakup & more
Friedberg spent a considerable amount of time discussing the Henry Belcaster issue
All-In Stats 📈🐦
@theallinpod @AppStore @DavidSacks @antoniogm Episode review listening to first 5 mins...

Is @HenryBelcaster the new Facebook?

Dividing Besties like the country 😅
First up, the airtime metric. Friedberg wins and Chamath comes in last again this week. Italy is really not going well for him 😬
This episode might have the lowest number of monologues (we will check this out separately). Friedberg standing tall like a mesa in the American Southwest.
Friedberg’s longest monologue describing the developments in the SARS-CoV-2 leak theory also entered the Top 5 monologues in all the episodes.
And now here is the airtime distribution chart. Look at that Friedberg monologue shine like the North Star!
Ciao! 👋
That’s it for this week, back at it again when the next episode drops.
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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat @ALLIN_STATS

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