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All-In Stats - Episode #39

Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat
Another week, another hour of information for all of us to digest and get smarter!
Climate change and one of the greatest threats of our generation was the topic of significant discussion.
On the personal front, these past couple of weeks have been enlightening from a climate perspective. Here in the Pacific North West (Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia) temperatures don’t get into 100s ℉ (37.7 ℃ for our metric friends).

Sammy Roth
Seattle was hotter today than Washington, D.C., has ever been. Portland hit 116 — nine degrees hotter than it had ever been before this weekend. It was 118 degrees in Canada — a record for the whole country, and hotter than Las Vegas has ever been.
Eric Holthaus
Portland was the hottest city in the country today — hotter than Phoenix or Las Vegas
When it got that hot for consecutive days recently, it was a grim reminder of this Simpsons’s meme going around recently.
Read Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
The great thing about this meme is that it’ll be relevant every summer
Here are the besties with the thoughtful discussion.
E39: West coast super drought & climate crisis, Nuclear virtue signaling, chaos in SF & more
E39: West coast super drought & climate crisis, Nuclear virtue signaling, chaos in SF & more
This was one of the shortest episodes on record so none of the Besties was able to crack 20+ minutes of airtime.
Like last week, David Sacks wins again albeit by only a few seconds.
The last episode was truly a spectacle of swearing 🤬. This one in comparison — quite tame!
The monologue metrics showed a good distribution with each of the Bestie’s winning a piece. Chamath and Friedberg with the overall number of metrics and Sacks with the longest monologue at 3+ minutes. 🗣
Nice to see the Dictator winning one of these metrics again! 🤴
And lastly, here is the airtime distribution.
Ciao! 👋 That’s it for this week, back at it again when the next episode drops.
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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat @ALLIN_STATS

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