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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat
Welcome to the first issue of All-In Stats!

Wet your beak in stats!
Wet your beak in stats!
Going All-In
The four besties (Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg) describe themselves as industry veterans and degenerate gamblers in their All-In Podcast description. It is perhaps the style of conversation and the range of topics covering all things economic, tech, political, social & poker that has propelled their podcast to the top of charts on iTunes and Spotify.
All-In Podcast rankings Source:
All-In Podcast rankings Source:
We discovered and started listening around October last year, and since then, we have become fans of the podcast! Every time a new episode drops, it’s a cause for 🥳
The idea for All-In Stats was born out of a simple observation - “Chamath’s excellent monologues seemed to dominate the conversation. But is there a way to answer this question? It would be fun to explore this and possible learn something in the process.
Fortunately for us, AI-based transcription services have come a long way these days, and all public cloud providers provide a way to convert speech to text. We used one such service to create a transcription of all the episodes and then generate the stats. Here’s an example of the stat we found:
Chamath currently leads the Besties with the total airtime of 11.2 hours (as of Episode 28). Jason is next with more than a full episode less of airtime.
Who are Kay and Keerat?
We’re a team of two brothers who love technology, and All-In Stats represents a way to put those skills to use on a fun 🙂 weekend-ish project. Professionally, Kay is a Product Manager, and Keerat is a developer, so this product’s responsibilities align naturally. 🎉
What can you look forward to?
We’re going to be tracking stats such as:
  1. Total airtime per speaker over all episodes
  2. Total number of monologues over all episodes
  3. Longest monologue
  4. Total airtime per speaker per episode
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Kay & Keerat
Kay & Keerat @ALLIN_STATS

Besties by the Numbers. We Deconstruct the All-In Podcast

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